Tate Modern chimney: ‘remedial works’ under way

Tate Modern's chimney is being covered in scaffolding and netting for 'remedial works' that are expected to take 'a number of years' to complete.

Tate Modern chimney: ‘remedial works’ under way

A recent newsletter sent by Tate to local residents contained this item: "Remedial work is required on the Tate Modern chimney.

"The chimney will be completely wrapped in netting before scaffolding is erected and work begins.

"We are expecting the work to take a number of years to complete.

"Fortunately, no disturbance is expected to the local community and Tate Modern will continue to welcome visitors to the gallery throughout the work period."

The 99-metre brick chimney was part of the first phase of Giles Gilbert-Scott's Bankside Power Station and was completed 70 years ago.

When the power station was first converted to an art gallery in 2000, the chimney was topped by an illuminated box known as the Swiss Light.

Damaged in a storm in 2007, the Swiss Light was removed in 2008.

In 2018, Tom Cruise climbed to the top of the chimney to film scenes for a Mission:Impossible movie.

At the time of Tate Modern's launch, gallery boss Sir Nicholas Serota sought sponsorship to install lifts in the chimney to create a viewing platform, but the plan didn't come to fruition.

• New figures show that Tate Modern attracted 1.156 million visitors in 2021, compared to more than 6 million in the last pre-pandemic year.

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