Mayor: ‘30-day antiviral disinfectant’ tested at Waterloo Tube

A "longer-lasting 30-day antiviral disinfectant" has been piloted at Waterloo Station this week according to Mayor of London Sadiq Khan, as he pledges to protect the working conditions of TfL contract cleaners.

Mayor: ‘30-day antiviral disinfectant’ tested at Waterloo Tube

Speaking at Mayor's Question Time on Thursday, Mr Khan said that Transport for London had put special measures in place to safeguard the pay and conditions of cleaners workin on the transport network.

"One of the reasons why we've made sure that ABM – the contractor that employs our cleaners – gives them the right salary, if they're off is because I consider them essential [workers]," he said.

"We've enhanced our cleaning regime on TfL to using antiviral antibacterial disinfectant that they use in hospitals.

"Who's doing it? Not me. It's cleaners.

"We've tested a longer-lasting 30-day antiviral disinfectant.

"We have piloted it this week in Waterloo, we're going to hopefully roll it out, because the public transport system will need stay open to help the essential workers.

"That cleaning job that needs to be done has been done by cleaners.

"I have a huge respect for our cleaners and for the work they do.

"And they're essential to keeping our city as safe as we can."

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