Avondale Square Estate to be offered to movie-makers

The Avondale Square Estate off the Old Kent Road is one of the venues owned by the City of London Corporation to be touted to movie location scouts to help the Square Mile authority raise its income.

Avondale Square Estate to be offered to movie-makers

Killing EveJames Bond and Bridget Jones have all used settings in the Square Mile, including the Barbican Estate and Tower Bridge.

Now the City corporation is drawing up plans to hire a film location agency to promote itself to TV and film producers with the hope of generating over £500,000 of extra income per year.

A report prepared for a Guildhall meeting lists 27 past and potential new locations.

They range from the obvious – such as Tower Bridge – to the less obvious, such as the Avondale Square Estate in Southwark.

The CoL report says: "The UK film industry is booming… Inward investment films generated approximately £1.25bn in 2017, the highest figure since records began…

"We propose that the 27 buildings and open spaces that are suitable for filming would be promoted using a reputable and established location agency that would liaise directly with the local staff at each location."

But it says "opportunities are missed" to attract film crews, because the CoL is not registered with any professional location agencies whom film producers often turn to for advice.

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