Football comes to County Hall

FIFA Secretary General Michel Zen Ruffinen will be at the opening of the FA Premier League Hall of Fame on the South Bank this month.

The new attraction, already dubbed "the spiritual home of football" by fans, is at County Hall.

The new attraction opens to the public on Saturday 12 June and according to John Motson it will be "a permanent tribute to the footballers of the modern era who have figured significantly in the growth of the Premier League".

Those involved in the selection include Sir Geoff Hurst and Bobby Moore.

The Hall of Fame is to be the official institution for honouring English football and is divided into five themed areas.

The Hall of Legends is a journey from football's medieval origins to the Premier League.

The FA Premier League Hall of Fame is the living history that will grow and develop whilst the Hall of Fans is an attempt to capture the passion and devotion of the football supporter.

The climax is a special Hope and Glory film shown in a 120 seat auditorium and the Virtual Stadium where visitors can test computer and football skills.

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