Pizza Hut would 'detract from experience' of Tate Modern visitors

The presence of a Pizza Hut takeaway outlet on the pedestrian route from Southwark tube to Tate Modern "would detract from the viewing experience" of the former Bankside Power Station building, a firm of local architects has claimed.

Pizza Hut would 'detract from experience' of Tate Modern visitors
Makower Architects - whose office is immediately to the left of the image - say that Tate Modern visitors' experience would be spoiled by a Pizza Hut on the corner of Great Suffolk Street and Dolben Street

We reported last month on plans by Nine Food Group to open a Pizza Hut outlet at the corner of Dolben Street and Great Suffolk Street.

Now a firm of architects based in an adjacent building have sent a blistering four-page letter of objection to Southwark Council.

"Bankside is a special place that supports a vibrant and local community as well as hosting visitors from around the world," says the letter from Makower Architects.

"We are a group of architects and designers who love Bankside. It is a place we are proud to call our home. A place we have planted roots, invested and created jobs in.

"We and the wider Great Suffolk Street community want to ensure every development in the area supports and enhances the special character of the neighbourhood."

The letter continues: "A Pizza Hut or any hot food takeaway would not enhance local distinctiveness and in fact would directly contribute to the erosion of the neighbourhood character and amenities. Bankside is a unique neighbourhood that mixes international cultural destinations with local communities, and it is this network of local neighbourhoods that holds the fabric of Bankside together."

The letter also notes that visitors to Tate Modern walking from Southwark Underground Station get their first view of the former Bankside Power Station as they approach the location of the proposed Pizza Hut.

"Great Suffolk Street provides an axial view of the Tate Modern iconic chimney stack and the new extension," says Makower in the letter.

"Although this is not a Borough View it should be recognised as a significant local view.

"The view appears as you head north towards the Thames on Great Suffolk Street but due to the railway arches and the slight bend in the road the view does not fully reveal itself until you are at the little piazza just before Dolben Street.

"At the point the view is fully revealed, 30 Dolben Street is completely visible and makes up part of the context that frames the view. The presence of a Pizza Hut in the frame of the view would detract from the viewing experience."

Southwark Council has so far received 29 objections to planning application 22/AP/2917.

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