Prince William Henry: Blackfriars Road pub closes for redevelopment

The Prince William Henry pub in Blackfriars Road closes this week to make way for a new office block and almshouse development.

Prince William Henry: Blackfriars Road pub closes for redevelopment

The pub at the corner of Blackfriars Road and Nicholson Street has existed in its current form for 48 years, but its history goes back nearly two centuries.

Prior to the 1970s development the wider site had two pubs - the Noah's Ark and the Prince William Henry - with the latter name being chosen for the new pub that opened in 1975.

"Prince William Henry will close permanently at end of business on Friday 24 November due to the redevelopment which will provide more local housing and a new pub," said a message on the pub's Facebook page.

"We would like to thank everyone who have supported and worked with us over the past 18 years our family have been here ... Thank you for all your support , memories and great times we have shared."

The site is owned by Southwark Charities who plan to erect a new 22-storey office building that will include a new pub. The existing 1970s Edward Edwards House almshouses - with 25 homes - will be replaced by 62 flats for older people.

This summer most of the residents of Edward Edwards House moved to the new Appleby Blue almshouse in Bermondsey recently opened by the United St Saviour's Charity.

Southwark Charities is currently selling its Victorian board room table on eBay as it prepares to vacate the existing building.

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