Southwark Labour takes London Bridge & West Bermondsey

All three seats in London Bridge & West Bermondsey ward changing hands from Lib Dem to Labour was the main story of the 2022 local elections in Southwark.

Southwark Labour takes London Bridge & West Bermondsey
Southwark Labour leader Cllr Kieron Williams speaking at the end of the election count on Friday morning

With the exception of London Bridge & West Bermondsey, Southwark's political map was unchanged after last Thursday's elections, but with plenty of new faces joining the council as many incumbents do not seek re-election.

London Bridge & West Bermondsey ward had been narrowly won by the Liberal Democrats four years ago but this time all three council seats went to Labour, punching a gap in the Lib Dem-held territory in the north-west of the borough.

The final results see Southwark Council's 63 seats split between 52 held by Labour and 11 for the Liberal Democrats.

In Borough & Bankside the Lib Dems retained all three seats, with new councillors David Watson and Irina Von Wiese (a former MEP) joining incumbent Victor Chamberlain.

Chaucer ward's Helen Dennis is joined on the council by two new Labour colleauges: Joseph Vambe and Laura Johnson.

London Bridge and West Bermondsey is now represented by Labour's Sunil Chopra, Sam Dalton and Emily Hickson. Cllr Chopra – a past Mayor of Southwark – had been a Nunhead councillor since 2010.

North Bermondsey was held by the Liberal Democrats, with group leader Hamish McCallum joined by Rachel Bentley and Emily Tester.

In North Walworth new councillor Naima Ali has been elected alongside Labour incumbents Martin Seaton and Darren Merrill.

Old Kent Road ward was one of a small number with no change to the councillor lineup – Labour's Richard Livingstone, Evelyn Akoto and Michael Situ were all returned by a large margin.

In South Bermondsey Labour retained all three seats, with Sunny Lambe and Leo Pollak joined by Cassandra Brown.

St George's ward was another close contest between the top two parties, with Lib Dem incumbents Maria Linforth-Hall and Graham Neale retaining their seats.

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